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Managing the asbestos challenge as the construction boom moves through regional Victoria.

A recent read in the Herald Sun highlighted the confronting reality of the Post-Covid building boom and how the acceleration of land development is speeding up the asbestos challenge in Victoria— with more than 178,000 tonnes handled every year and far more tipped by 2030.

This is not just a big city problem. In the Post-Covid era, regional centres like Geelong and Ballarat are experiencing a population renascence, with many city dwellers seeking the benefits of a country lifestyle. While property prices are escalating at breakneck speed across regional Victoria, so are the number of housing and construction projects.

Dale Smith, Managing Director of SCAADA Group believes the best solution is to spend more resource on soil remediation. He says, “soil remediation is a significantly cheaper and more sustainable approach than ignoring the contamination issue and later having to send toxic dirt to landfill.”

“What’s more, the longer the toxic material is buried, there’s a greater risk the soil around it becomes contaminated,”  said Smith.

Technology now allows specialist firms like SCAADA Group to separate toxic materials such as asbestos from the ground, sparing builders the landfill headaches that have plagued projects.

SCAADA Group foresee soil remediation as the next frontier of the asbestos issue.


How SCAADA Group can help transform your soil into ‘tip-top’ condition, ready for your next project:

We offer asbestos and soil testing and remediation services in Geelong, Ballarat and across regional Victoria.

SCAADA Group’s skilled team of environmental consultants recognise the importance of assisting clients manage a variety of soil challenges and offer a range of soil testing and remediation services in the Ballarat region.

Our soil testing management services are delivered as a standalone service, or for more complex environmental issues, in conjunction with other project needs. As with any environmental project, SCAADA aims to balance the competing interests of the community and the environment, alongside the commercial viability of the project.

What’s involved in soil testing?

SCAADA conduct comprehensive site assessments. This may include soil testing, water testing and air monitoring. Once we have established the causal factor, our team will work closely with the client to assess their needs and budget. SCAADA’s soil testing services include:

Soil testing and soil analysis

• Preliminary site investigations

• Detailed site investigations (including soil testing, water testing, air monitoring and analysis)

Next step, soil remediation!

Our highly experienced environmental consultants, skilled in environmental science and engineering, regularly support clients to manage issues of soil contamination, including asbestos. This is generally required pre and post construction works and other development projects.

We will design a tailored environmental management plan for site remediation and, if required, deliver a complete end-to-end project management service.

  • Soil management plans
  • Environmental plans
  • Remediation strategies
  • Project management services

SCAADA Group’s soil clients

SCAADA has years of experience in conducting soil testing and analysis for a wide range of clients including:

  • Land and commercial developers
  • Waste and landfill operators
  • Government authorities
  • Industrial/contaminated landowners

If you’re looking to achieve Environmental Compliance, give our team a call today and we’ll get things moving quickly, practically and in a cost-effective manner. Learn more about our environmental consulting services by contacting us on the below:

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