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Water Remediation Services

Water is a precious commodity, and the team at SCAADA understand its value and take great care when supporting clients with water management issues.

As with any environmental project, SCAADA aim to balance the competing interests of the community and the environment alongside the commercial viability of the project.

SCAADA offers a wide range of water monitoring and water testing and analysis services. Our water management expertise is provided as a standalone service, or for more complex environmental issues, in conjunction with other project needs.

Our experienced consultants, skilled in environmental science and engineering, have a deep understanding of the legal obligations and national guidelines surrounding water quality, water management plans and practices. We work with governments, local authorities, water companies and developers to ensure that water resources are effectively managed. This is achieved through both practical means and innovative solutions for collection, treatment and delivery or, alternatively, water recycling, re-distribution or removal.

Groundwater contamination

Groundwater is a key component of the aquatic environment and contributes to the water quality of rivers, lakes, wetlands and swamps. Groundwater also plays a critical water-supply role for rural and regional towns, mining operations, and for irrigation and stock. Therefore, the effective water monitoring and remediation of impending or existing groundwater issues is critically important for protecting groundwater systems.

Groundwater has the potential to be contaminated by a range of hazardous substances typically associated with commercial and industrial land uses (e.g., civil construction, land development, crops and farming, energy, road and transport etc.), to contamination (e.g., waste and hazardous and landfill) and naturally occurring events.

Groundwater management plans

SCAADA ‘s team of environmental consultants are highly experienced in supporting clients manage groundwater concerns. Once we have established the causal factor, our team will work closely with the client to assess their needs and budget.  Next, we’ll design a tailored groundwater management plan to control or remove the issue impacting the groundwater and, if required, deliver a complete end-to-end project management service.

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SCAADA groundwater environmental management services

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