Air Monitoring Services

Air pollution continues to be a visible and persistent environmental issue. To protect human health, vegetation and ecosystems, it is critical that our air quality is carefully monitored and regulated.

This is particularly important in areas where emissions from vehicles, manufacturing industries, mining operations, and landfills can lead to poor health outcomes and unpleasant smog and haze.

Air monitoring and management

SCAADA’s team of highly skilled environmental consultants have many years of experience monitoring, reporting and designing management strategies for various air pollutant concerns including dust, smoke, pollen and other air toxins and particulates.

Once we have established the causal factor, our team will work closely with the client to assess their needs and budget.  Next, the team will design a tailored environmental management plan to control or remove the issue impacting air quality and, if required, deliver a complete end-to-end project management service.

We service a variety of industry sectors including industrial, civil construction, roads and transport, mining, energy and many more.

Our services are aligned to national ambient air quality standards and guidelines.

air monitoring consulting

Our air monitoring and management services

  • Air investigations
  • Site assessment, sampling and testing
  • Air monitoring consulting and reporting
  • Solution design, installation and maintenance
  • Project management
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