Dust Suppression Products

Unmatched Dust Suppression Solutions for a Sustainable and Safe Environment

Whether it’s a construction site, mining operation, residential development, or commercial project, our comprehensive range of purpose-made dust suppression products is unmatched in their suitability, durability, sustainability, and functionality. From managing dust on cleared land and haul roads to controlling dust on stockpiles or even tailings dams, our innovative approach ensures that dust-related issues are mitigated efficiently.

We understand that effective dust control is not only essential for compliance with environmental regulations but also crucial for maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. Our eco-friendly dust suppression solutions prioritize environmental soundness, ensuring that dust management practices have minimal impact on surrounding ecosystems.

However, we recognize the unique challenges faced by different industries and site-specific conditions. As such, our experienced team collaborates closely with clients to understand their specific dust suppression requirements and site characteristics.

Scaada’s commitment to sustainability is at the core of our dust suppression solutions. We strive to offer products and methods that not only manage dust effectively but also contribute to reducing water consumption and overall environmental impact. Our sustainable approach aims to support clients in achieving their productivity goals while safeguarding the surrounding environment for present and future generations.

Vital Bon-Matt Stonewall

Vital Bon-Matt Stonewall has been independently tested to provide the highest levels in dust management and ground stabilisation. The renowned polymer technology provides instant stabilisation in a wide range of applications, including but not limited to:

Stockpiles and steep slopes and batters | Exposed soil, sand or aggregate | Broad acre areas | Tailings Damns | Unsealed Haul Roads | Sub-base road stabilisation | Berms, swales and drains | Clearwater diversions, pong and dam lining | Hazardous Substance Isolation – asbestos | Train wagon veneering.

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Vital Bon-Matt P47-VR1

Vital Bon-Matt P47-VR1 is a multipurpose veneer designed for applications over surfaces where strength, durability and flexibility are required for shorter-term stabilisation.

An inert and environmentally sound formulation, Vital Bon-Matt P47-VR1 is ideal for the control of erosion and dust in non-trafficked areas to provide highly effective short to medium-term stabilisation.

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Vital Bon-Matt HR

An environmentally sound formulation for efficient dust control and stabilisation, Vital Bon-Matt HR is a heavy-duty, robust and concentrated formulation. Designed for use on all unsealed roads, high-traffic access roads and headstand and laydown areas.

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