Asbestos Consulting and Testing, Audits & Clearance Certificates.

Employers have a legal responsibility to establish if asbestos is present in the workplace.

The presence of asbestos can be a cause for concern due to the associated risks of developing an asbestos-related disease. That’s why we pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive asbestos analysis, testing, consulting, audit and remediation service.

Asbestos related diseases can occur following exposure to airborne asbestos fibres encountered during everyday workplace activities and during building works such as renovations and demolitions.

SCAADA is an established and reputable asbestos testing company. Our team of asbestos specialists have years of experience assisting clients to meet current legislation regarding asbestos exposure. We operate across a variety of property types including private residences, commercial properties, industrial facilities, construction sites, government services and many more.

Commercial & Residential Asbestos Testing Services

SCAADA’s team of asbestos specialists are highly experienced in conducting commercial and residential asbestos testing and audits aligned with national standards and regulatory guidelines.

Asbestos audits assess the risk of exposure to airborne fibres encountered during everyday workplace activities. Audits are also used during the pre-works phase to determine the risk of disturbance to asbestos containing materials during renovation and demolition.

During the audit, our consultants will conduct a comprehensive site inspection. If asbestos is suspected, the audit will involve sampling of asbestos containing material followed by asbestos testing – taken off-site and analysed at a NATA Accredited Laboratory.

If asbestos in the workplace is identified, it is the legal responsibility of the employer to have an Asbestos Register created.

Asbestos visual clearance certificates

An asbestos visual clearance certificate occurs after the asbestos testing and verifies that all visible asbestos has been removed from the site.

Depending on the Workplace Health & Safety Regulation in the specified state or territory, an asbestos clearance certificate is generally required when the amount of asbestos removed is greater than 10 square metres.

Scaada’s licenced asbestos assessors are highly skilled and experienced at conducting visual clearance inspections. If the condition of the asbestos removed from the site is considered poor or friable, the team may recommend air monitoring and dust analysis to verify that all airborne asbestos fibres have been safely extracted.

Employees, contractors or other Individuals may not enter the removal site until an asbestos clearance certificate has been issued. During this time, any physical restrictions and caution signage should remain in place until the final clearance certificate has been supplied.

Home and commercial renovations

Asbestos inspections – know before you break

Before you jump into your next reno, consider having an asbestos inspection. Residential asbestos is particularly dangerous, and many older ‘post-war’ homes and buildings in Geelong, Melbourne and throughout Australia are laden with this potentially lethal material.

It’s for that reason that SCAADA doesn’t just survey and provide asbestos consulting and testing, if required, we can supervise the remediation process too. Once all the contaminates are removed, our qualified occupational hygienists are available to issue a visual clearance certificate; allowing you to continue with the renovation while providing complete peace of mind.

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Asbestos registers

All asbestos containing material that has been identified in the workplace setting must be documented in the asbestos register. This includes date, location, type of material and current condition of the asbestos. If no asbestos has been identified, this will also need to be recorded.

Scaada’s Asbestos Registers comply with the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission Code of Practice for the Management and Control of Asbestos in Workplaces [NOHSC:2018(2005)].

Asbestos risk management plans

Following an asbestos survey, Scaada will provide the client with a thorough and highly confidential report detailing the findings. Over and above issue identification, our consultants will design a tailored risk management plan to control or remove any asbestos containing material and, if required, deliver a complete end-to-end project management service. This may include recommendations for asbestos removal works, dust testing and asbestos air monitoring.

Asbestos air monitoring companies

Air monitoring is an effective quantitative method to test for the presence of airborne asbestos fibres. Conducted by our experienced Scaada consultants, asbestos air monitoring is generally recommended when asbestos containing material is in poor or friable condition, or when asbestos is being removed or disturbed during demolition or renovation works.

Asbestos remediation supervisory services

Our highly skilled team of asbestos consultants provide technical supervisory services during asbestos remediation works. Scaada’s supervisory consultants will ensure removal practices are safe and comply with current Australian health and safety standards.  In addition, our consultants offer a full asbestos management service. This includes testing and monitoring for airborne asbestos fibres released during the remediation works.  Post remediation works, Scaada’s trained assessors can provide a visual clearance certificate, verifying that all visible asbestos has been safely removed from the site.

asbestos testing services

Asbestos soil contamination

Scaada’s highly experienced environmental consultants, skilled in environmental science and engineering, regularly support clients to manage issues of asbestos soil contamination.

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