Sustainable Site Water Management

SCAADA’s Comprehensive Site Water Management Solutions Revolutionise Industrial, Commercial, and Agricultural Practices.

SCAADA specialises is sustainable site water management and has a range of services and products to provide your project with best practice solutions that are built to achieve sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective outcomes. We embrace and collaborate with new technology and industry partners across Australia, as well as providing our own design and engineering solutions as part of our overall group, this provides you with flexibility and agility on your project, which is vital when treating water due to the diversity and complexity to water issues on every site. Its important to understand that all sites are different and completing the key phases listed below will ensure that we design and build the right solution for you.

Water Clarifiers

The lamella clarifier is one of many automated systems that SCAADA can implement on your site. This system can be used as a standalone unit or combined with SCAADA-designed filtration systems depending on your project water treatment requirements. These units provide your project with high-level water treatment solutions, and our team of experts will manage and deliver your water treatment solution from start to finish.

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High-Efficiency Sediment Basins (HES)

High-Efficiency Sediment (HES) Basins are a structure designed to capture sediment entrained in runoff or stormwater runoff by adding clarifying agents (coagulants and flocculants) to increase the settlement of suspended sediments.

HES basins can have significant water quality benefits by ensuring that both coarse and fine sediments are removed from tailwater or stormwater runoff, and any associated nutrients and pesticides are captured before the water enters natural waterways. There is a risk of overdosing with the clarifying agent, and this must be managed with appropriate control, such as batch testing to determine the appropriate dosage.

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The SCAADA approach

Achieving client outcomes

Clients from a range of sectors present to us with their most complex challenges.

SCAADA Group provides unmatched expertise in designing environmentally focused, tailored solutions for highly complex problems that deliver real value.

By applying skills and expertise from across the Group, we are uniquely positioned to offer a highly organised, seamless and vertically integrated solution for our clients.

Delivering successful client outcomes is our number one priority. We achieve this via our systematic phased SCAADA APPROACH.

This includes the initial testing and analysis phase, followed by planning, solution design, proof of concept, to the point of project conclusion, including construction and successful outcome delivery.

Phase 1
Analyse Environment

ANALYSE the environmental challenge brought forward by the client via observation, client discussion, sampling and testing.

Phase 2
Identify Challenge

IDENTIFY and report back to the client on the causal factors contributing to the challenge.

Phase 3
Design Solution

Plan and DESIGN tailored SOLUTIONS to address the causal factors.

Phase 4

CONSTRUCT AND DELIVER design solution and achieve successful outcome delivery.

Phase 5
Monitor and report

Provide PROOF OF CONCEPT to test and verify feasibility of design solution.

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