Business resilience

Ever considered if something happened to your business how would it affect your clients? Most of us conduct business based on relationships, but what if you lost your head office services for 48 hours.

Could you still operate? Could you still get staff to attend to their critical daily tasks? Would cashflow be affected to such a level you may not be able to go on?

If you are unable to answer any one of these questions, or simply have never considered the possibility, then you need to discuss business resilience with SCAADA today!

In simple terms, business resilience is the planning you and your business need to implement a contingency plan during an emergency to ensure you keep running. At SCAADA we have a model we created that provides a framework around which these types of issues will be speed humps, not mountains to your business flow.

In this ever changing world of intentional and unintentional acts that shut down companies, you need to be prepared. No longer do clients have patience. Failure to respond immediately means that opportunity has gone to the next provider listed in the internet search page. Don’t let an avoidable problem shut your business down today and have potentially long term effects.

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