Embracing the Journey: From Uncertainty to Success

Blog By: Alahria Smith
April 30th 2024

In the tapestry of life, there are no wrong turns, just unexpected detours that lead us to remarkable destinations. As my dad often reminds me, echoing wisdom I wish I could impart to my younger self, “there is no failures in life, there is just success and lessons.”

School can be a whirlwind of pressure, with everyone expecting us to have our futures mapped out. Yet, like many, I found myself adrift in uncertainty after graduation. I embarked on a course without much thought, merely to dip my toes into the sea of opportunity. But as time passed, I realized I was squandering my energy on something that didn’t ignite my passion.

It was during this period of soul-searching that I turned to Dale for guidance. His suggestion to join Scaada for a while until I found my footing proved to be a pivotal moment. Little did I know, this decision would shape my trajectory in ways high school could never prepare me for.  Starting as an Occupational Hygiene Technician at Scaada thrust me into a whirlwind of travel, early mornings, and late nights. While thrilling, the demands of work began to encroach upon my passion for playing in the Victorian Netball League, leaving me fatigued and prone to injury.

Conversations with my managers led me down various career paths within Scaada, from Executive Assistant to Office Manager to Operations Co-Ordinator. But as I matured, I started to question where my true interests lay. It was during one of my contemplative moments (swear I wasn’t eavesdropping) that fate intervened. Overhearing discussions about an internal marketing position ignited a spark within me. Without hesitation, I found myself standing before our CEO, offering my services. Within weeks, I transitioned into the “marketing” role, leaving behind the familiar terrain of Operations Co-Ordinator. Looking back, I often wonder where I’d be if I hadn’t seized that opportunity.

Fast forward a year or two and I find myself immersed in my Marketing Managers role, juggling responsibilities while pursuing Marketing and Communication studies. But the pinnacle of my journey thus far? The monumental task of spearheading Scaada’s rebrand.  Our outdated image had people mistaking us for builders, lawyers, or accountants. That’s when we enlisted the expertise of Paul Kelly Creative to breathe new life into our identity. As our new logo emerged, meticulously crafted to encapsulate the essence of Scaada, I realized the enormity of the challenge ahead. We took the challenge to our friends at Paul Kelly to embark on a task to reflect Scaada accurately in one single brand. Look how they did it.

Implementing the rebrand across every facet of the company was a Herculean task. From revamping our digital presence to adorning our office spaces with our new identity, the process was arduous yet deeply rewarding.

Stepping into the Marketing role was a leap of faith I never anticipated taking. Yet, some time later, I find myself entrenched in a passion I didn’t know I possessed. Despite the inevitable setbacks, it’s the unwavering drive to putting Scaada on the edge that fuels my journey.  So, to that apprehensive 16-year-old girl fretting about the future, I offer a gentle reminder: embrace the uncertainties, for they pave the path to self-discovery. Life’s twists and turns may seem daunting, but each stumble is a lesson in resilience. It’s not about the destination, its about the journey; for every experience, be it triumphant or trying, shapes the person you’re destined to become.

By: Alahria Smith