Alfredton Stage 2 Site Remediation Begins

Stage 2 of our site remediation for the Alfredton APCO started this week.

With the canopy, shop and western side completed the working platform for piling rig engagement is now being set as the team moves to the east side to finish the eastern driveway.

Things continue to move really smoothly and the site continues to recover material for re-use. Great continued co-operative effort with Scaada and HED Industries.

Another example of our varied project works which sees our Building and Construction team work effortlessly with our Environmental Consultants to provide the client with comprehensive end-to-end Project Management.

Our Project Management team service a range of industry sectors including defence, education, aviation, land development, civil and construction, healthcare, agriculture and energy.

SCAADA Project Management go beyond the point of issue identification, designing tailored solutions and solving complex problems during any phase of the project’s lifecycle.

For more complex scenarios, our Project Management team can provide a full end-to-end service, from initial testing and analysis phase, followed by planning, solution design, proof of concept, to the point of project conclusion, including construction and successful outcome delivery as in this APCO project.

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