Site Remediation Nears Completion

SCAADA Group is finishing the final stages of its site remediation Phase One works in Ballarat.

To date our team has successfully sorted a pre-existing landfill site and returned it to a totally reusable material.

The overall environmental and sustainability outcome of this project will see our client save hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of tonnes of landfill abated and reused. A super exciting project that continues to move forward, with a fantastic client.

Follow us as to see the finish product on Phase One in the coming days.

Growing awareness and regulatory frameworks around the importance of sustainable waste and hazard management is continuing to drive improved accountability and innovation in this space.

When managing waste and hazards, we can support the client to navigate a range of complicated environmental compliance challenges while ensuring minimal impact on the natural environment.

Scaada waste and hazard services include:

  • Site investigative surveys (workplace or home)
  • Site monitoring, testing and analysis
  • Storage and management advice
  • Site waste management plans
  • Collection, recycling and disposal of bulk solid and liquid waste
  • Site remediation including project management
  • Risk assessments

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