Reparation of a Natural Waterway

In July 2019, SCAADA’S environmental consultants were engaged to repair an engineered waterway, and take an inefficient system and make it beautiful.

Our key goal to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly creek, that would appeal aesthetically, and improve the overall impact on the local ecosystem.

Before Natural Waterway Reparation Project - SCAADA
This was the ugly waterway we were presented with to begin our project.

Our greatest challenge was conducting works in an active flowing body of water in the middle of a winter month.

The natural wetland reserve held a great number of freshwater marine species, bird life and aquatic flora. We needed to be constantly aware of the effects of our works, and had no opportunity to make an error.

After Natural Waterway Reparation Project - SCAADA
This was the outcome of hard work and dedication as a result of careful environmental engineering.

Through high level environmental engineering, and ecology understanding, the Scaada team developed not only a beautiful outcome, but a long term sustainable result. This today stills stands as one of most sensitive pieces of work, and proudest achievements as a group.

If you have a project like this and are looking for a long term sustainable solution, get in touch with Scaada today, our environmental consultants will be only too happy to assist with this type of soul fulfilling work.