Geelong Racing Club Refurbishment


Geelong Racing Club (GRC)




Geelong Race Course


Project Scope

Geelong Racing Club (GRC) partnered with SCAADA to oversee the construction and renovation of the Jockeys Complex, which had been affected by a rupture in the hot water cylinder on the first floor.The renovation project encompassed several important rooms, including the Stewards Room, Scales Room, Female Jockey Room, Male Jockey Rooms, Owner and Trainers Lounge, and the St Albans Room.SCAADA was entrusted with the responsibility of project managing the renovations, collaborating with our trading companies who specialise in various trades. Our team successfully executed tasks such as room demolition, plastering, electrical work, painting, carpentry, floor coverings, and joinery. The entire project had to be completed within a limited timeframe due to the upcoming race day schedule.At SCAADA, we are proud to have delivered exceptional results by efficiently coordinating the renovation process, ensuring high-quality workmanship, and meeting the strict timeline requirements set by the Geelong Racing Club. The revitalized Jockeys Complex now stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence in project management and construction services.

Project Outcome

SCAADA successfully accomplished the renovation of the Jockeys Complex within the specified timelines. Our team of skilled tradespeople worked together cohesively to deliver an exceptional refurbishment of the rooms. We are delighted to share that Geelong Racing Club (GRC) provided us with positive feedback, expressing their satisfaction with the outcome. The building was left in impeccable condition, exuding a vibrant and fresh ambiance, providing jockeys with a welcoming space they can thoroughly enjoy on race days.At SCAADA, we take great pride in our ability to meet project deadlines while maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship. Our commitment to delivering outstanding results, coupled with our collaborative approach, ensures that our clients' visions are brought to life. The successful completion of the Jockeys Complex renovation stands as indication of our expertise in creating exceptional spaces that exceed expectations.
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