Fyansford Town Centre Remediation Project




In Progress


Fyansford – Geelong



Project Scope

Via collaboration and engagement with all key stakeholders, including WorkSafe, EPA, EPA Auditor, project management teams and local councils, the project was able to proceed to completion with minimal issues.  The site was geotechnically rebuilt during the remediation, meaning single-touch outcomes throughout.  Modern and varied methods of remediation were engaged to ensure solutions often were met for multiple concerns in one single pass.  As a result the client now has two separate parcels of land ready commence major developers to assist the growing community.

Project Outcome

Scaada teams had initial response to assist with developing a plan to repair the Douglas Shires active water treatment plant with minimal disruption to the nearby towns it serviced.  The system was a gravity fed process, fed directly from the Mossman River, with over 40 kms of above and below ground infrastructure to services areas from Daintree to Port Douglas.  The areas had very minimal storage and relied heavily on this single source.  After a rapid 24-hour injection, team members were able to reinstate supply to the system, and ensure water met it’s end point less than 24 hours later.

Scaada also oversaw the collection of curb side waste in the Cairns area, identifying high risk materials and goods, as well as assisting in the waste management design process at the purpose-built Yorkie’s Knob facility.  Numerous high-risk materials required management, as well as the design and implementation of a logistics plan to move received waste away from the facility to unaffected locations in a safe and productive manner.