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HSEQ Consulting

Organisations that are committed to health and safety practices often experience a range of benefits.

This includes less financial stress linked to workplace accidents, ability to negotiate better policy premiums, less disruption to business and improved workplace morale and productivity among employees.

Establishing appropriate Health Safety Environment and Quality systems is a critical step required by most organisations to achieve best practice and industry compliance, prevent potential risks and hazards and, essentially, ensure that your workforce and business remains safe.

Scaada offers Health Safety Environmental Quality consulting (HSEQ services) designed to assist companies navigate and comply with the ever-increasing and complex HSEQ regulatory responsibilities. Our highly skilled consultants can support companies establish appropriate systems around planning, reporting and monitoring with a key focus on HSEQ compliance.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

Along with HSEQ expertise, we offer traditional Occupational Health and Safety services such as workplace inspections and audits, risk assessments, hazardous material survey and inventory, and emergency and evacuation planning.

Environmental Consulting

Navigating complicated environmental compliance challenges can be overwhelming. Our experienced health, safety & environmental quality consulting team can assist clients manage a range of requirements including environmental approvals, environmental monitoring, workplace inspections and audits, and environmental compliance reporting.

HSEQ consultants Geelong - Scaada

HSEQ consultancy services offered:

  • Safety auditing
  • Safety documentation compilation
  • Evacuation and emergency management planning
  • Risk and hazard management
  • Essential services audits
  • Training
  • Surveying
  • Project management
  • Security advisory
  • Waste management
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