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As a facilities manager we know a large part of your day is managing the day to day issues that arise requiring your time be spent organising tradesman or contacting contractors.

At SCAADA we understand you have more important things to do, so let us handle these issues. Don’t put on administrative staff or project managers to do what we can do with the click of a button. No holdup to your operations, no huge overhead costs.

Our professional team will receive notification of your issue then leave it to us. We will coordinate the resolution of your problem every step of the way. We have access to a large bank of qualified experts, as well as having the ability to deal with handyman/maintenance issues directly using our trained staff. We ensure all contractors have insurance to the standard you require, are compliant, qualified and conduct business to the standard you expect. We establish a set of rules with you from the outset that provides piece of mind to you that we do business for you, in your way!

Don’t spend another minute calling around and organising to meet tradesmen that won’t arrive. We’ve done the hard work, and we guarantee the outcome you are seeking.

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