Environmental Consultancy & New EPA Laws

Scaada encourages all business to follow new EPA legislation.


Businesses will now be held accountable for actions that intentionally harm the environment. On 1 July, the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) introduced significant amendments to the Act to minimise harm to the environment and Victorian health.

The new set of regulations will crackdown on illicit chemical storage, contaminated soil and waste discharge and bestows the EPA with new powers to enforce compliance. 

It prompts organisations to do their due diligence when it comes to identifying risk and implementing appropriate management systems to avoid a seven-figure fine.

Over the years, there have been several cases of regulations being blatantly ignored resulting in dire consequences. The Campbellfield factory fire in 2019 is a text-book example, leading to the largest industrial blaze seen in decades and costing taxpayers millions.

In most cases, environmental harm has occurred due to a lack of understanding and resources in the public domain. 

However, under the new regulations—from manufacturing to land development—the onus will be put back on business owners, including land sellers and buyers, leaving little room for excuses.

Getting on the front foot with expert environmental consultancy is the best way to plan and tackle these changes. 


Scaada Group tips for compliance:

  • Firstly, you don’t need to go at it alone; call in the experts to help manage the transition. Scaada Group can support businesses to assess risk and help align practices with EPA requirements.
  • Allocate a compliance budget and amortise costs over the short, medium and long-term. In some cases, simple inexpensive changes are all that’s required. 
  • To reduce major risks later down the road, allow for an upfront fee on major development projects. Where you expect to profit in the millions, it’s really a no brainer!

How Scaada’s environmental consultancy can help:

  • Soil testing for contaminants including asbestos and other toxic materials. 
  • Safe and cost-effective soil remediation, to enable soil re-classification—bringing soil up to a healthy and EPA compliant standard.
  • Water testing and water management strategies to safely control water run-off occurring at civil and other development sites. Ensuring management processes are aligned with EPA requirements.
  • Air testing and monitoring of particulates (including airborne asbestos, dust, Crystalline Silica) to protect employees in the workplace and the wider community. 
  • Waste and hazardous materials management including implementing strategies for safe and compliant storage and removal. 

Scaada is here to help and is urging businesses to get on board with the new reform. Our environmental consultancy services will assist your business in creating better outcomes for your employees, your local economy, environment, and communities! 

Dale Smith, Managing Director of Scaada Group.

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