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Developers mitigate environmental and land contamination risks through due diligence

As a civil contractor or developer, it’s crucial to be aware of the environmental assessment

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SCAADA Group, a key player in flood disaster recovery

SCAADA Group, continues to assist New South Wales and Queensland’s flood disaster zones after their

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The Importance of Geotechnical Engineering

Before any kind of residential, commercial or industrial construction can begin, site investigation conducted by

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Environmental Consultancy & New EPA Laws

Scaada encourages all business to follow new EPA legislation.   Businesses will now be held

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Waterway Clean-Up In Melbourne’s West

The Scaada Team always looking to get on the front foot with environmental management of our waterways, were presented with this ugly duckling.

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De-Watering Solution

In December 2019, our client faced a huge problem. They had 50 million litres of turbid water needing to be removed from the site and only weeks to complete the task.

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Groundwater Testing Provides Compliance and Confidence

Scaada Group recently finishing their annual round of ground water monitoring on a prominent Geelong site.

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Reparation of a Natural Waterway

In July 2019, Scaada was engaged to repair an engineered waterway, and take an inefficient system, and make it beautiful.

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Site Remediation Nears Completion

SCAADA Group is finishing the final stages of its site remediation Phase One works in Ballarat.

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Asbestos Contamination On Construction Site

A major civil developer encountered unexpected and significant asbestos contamination on their construction site shutting down works.

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Asbestos Contaminated Soil Remediated

Using known methods and practical process, schedule delay was reduced, and the client saved $600K.

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Melbourne Site Water Remediation – Turning Turbid Water Clean

Scaada Environmental Division engineered a process that took our clients site water from 400 NTU to 25 NTU in five days.

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