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SCAADA Constructions provides project management and construction services as a certified NDIS provider for Home Modifications (0111). We’re engaged by Occupational Therapists, Plan Managers and Participants within this sector. 

 Please select below the service offering you would like to engage SCAADA to complete. 

 Response of acknowledgment guaranteed within 2 business days of being received. Formal quote within 7-14 business days based on third-party response time. 

If you encounter any issues or have any queries, please call SCAADA on 1300 SCAADA or email [email protected].

Select From The Three Services We Offer

1. Building Construction Practitioner (BCP)

Building Construction Practitioners have building knowledge and expertise to:

  • give advice on the design and cost of home modifications
  • outline the scope of work
  • provide drawings so builders can give quotes on the works.

They could be an architect, engineer, builder, or another building-related practitioner. They should be independent of any of the builders who provide quotes for your job.

A BCP will work closely with you and your home modification assessor to help plan the home modification. They will make sure the home modification supports recommended by your assessor are possible in your home. They will also work out how the modifications can be completed in the most effective way.

Your BCP will review your property, give information to support the home modification assessment and identify if any preliminary works by building specialists like engineers, surveyors or architects, are needed to help plan your modifications.

You can ask your BCP to also be your building works project manager if they have the right skills and if we have funded this. as well as to help you check builder credentials and get builder quotes.

2. Building Works Project Manager (BWPM)

If you have a complex home modification, we’ll include funding for a Building Works Project Manager. This can arise because the work is high-risk, or if you need extra help to manage the home modification.

Your BWPM is independent from your builder. They can help you understand your building contract and communicate with your builder. They will make sure:

  • your work meets all relevant building codes, standards and legal requirements
  • your modification is completed as agreed in the building contract.

Your BWPM helps you understand the building contract and how to get the builder started. They will oversee the works at key stages and keep you informed.

An experienced BWPM knows how your local building code and plumbing code applies to your modification. They can also help you resolve issues that might happen during the building process.

You should have a service agreement with your BWPM. This should clearly outline your expectations and what they are responsible for. It is important their responsibilities are clear in case things don’t go how you want.

3. Builder (Complex & Non-Complex Home Modifications) 

Builders construct your home modifications.

Builders are responsible for meeting all legal and administrative requirements, like the National Construction Code and Australian Standards. They are responsible for making sure the building site is safe when home modification works are underway, and for fixing their work if they get it wrong.

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