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Soil Testing and Analysis

At SCAADA, our skilled team of environmental consultants have years of experience in soil testing contaminants and conducting soil analyses in Geelong, Ballarat, and the wider Melbourne area. 

Soil testing for construction is a key component of our geotechnical soil testing division.


Why should I test the soil?

Soil testing for construction is the first step in ensuring your ground is fit for building works or other projects. We begin by soil testing for contaminants, this is particularly important on sites previously used for industrial, commercial or agricultural purposes. These sites have often been contaminated by hazardous substances and as such can pose a risk to your health via direct ingestion, volatilisation or through groundwater systems.

The Victorian Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning recommends testing for soil contaminants under the following circumstances:

  • There are signs of potential contamination (eg. unusual odors, bare patches of lawn or limited plant growth, the presence of metal pipes, solder, paint flecks, ash or fibre cement sheeting)
  • You have concerns about past land use/activities leaving behind contaminants
  • You have a groundwater bore and rely on this water for everyday household use
  • As part of the due diligence process when buying or selling property if you have a reason to suspect there may be contamination

If your soil testing results determine that the soil is contaminated, we can provide remediation services and other project needs for full end-to-end management.

Who can test for soil contamination?

Qualified and experienced environmental consultants should conduct soil testing and analysis. Our team of experts can make assessments of the likely contaminants of concern and can request appropriate chemical analysis of your soil samples from the laboratory. We send each sample off for analysis to a National Association of Testing Authority (NATA) accredited laboratory in Victoria.

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What is the cost of soil testing for contaminants?

Soil testing cost varies depending on a number of factors, including the number and location of samples needed and the type of contaminants being tested for. 

Get in touch with us today to discuss your soil testing needs and organise a site inspection with our team! 

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