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Environmental Consultants servicing the Ballarat region

SCAADA Group has a long history of delivering trusted environmental consulting services to the Ballarat region.


Now with a physical presence in Ballarat, SCAADA Group can provide the same gold-standard service with the added advantage of meeting local Ballarat needs more effectively.

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Meet our satellite site manager Tessa Kaczmarek.

Born and raised in Daylesford, Tessa completed all of her schooling in the region.  Her family still reside in the Hepburn Shire and she remains strongly rooted to the community.  Tessa’s goal is to provide optimum service to the city, to achieve long term environmental and sustainability focused outcomes.



Servicing Ballarat, Victoria

Environmental Consultants

Supporting the agriculture sector, civil works, construction projects, and commercial and residential land developments across Ballarat.

Designed to support environmental concerns specifically impacting the Ballarat region, SCAADA Group consultants specialise in tailoring environmental solutions—testing, monitoring and remediation—for a range of environmental issues relating to:

  • Groundwater management
  • Soil contamination (asbestos and other contaminants)
  • Air quality
  • Hazard  and waste management
  • Landfill gas assessments
  • Geotechnical support



Occupational Hygiene Specialists

Servicing Ballarat’s asbestos, lead, mould, air particulate, and HSEQ needs

Our skilled team of occupational hygienists operate across the wider Ballarat area conducting critical testing, analysis & consulting services for major commercial developments and smaller household projects. This includes:

  • Asbestos audits, registers, clearance certificates, air monitoring, supervisory services and risk management plans
  • Lead, mould and particulate inspections, analysis, risk assessment and remediation services
  • HSEQ consulting services


Project Management Services

Supporting commercial and civil works in and around Ballarat

SCAADA Group provides extensive Project Management services in Ballarat and beyond. Our project management team are top-notch problem solvers, with years of experience working across a variety of sectors, enabling them to deliver a highly efficient PM service for your next big project.


Facilities Maintenance

Maintenance services for a range of commercial and industrial Ballarat-based properties

Inside and out, we support small to large commercial businesses in maintaining their properties throughout the Ballarat region. This includes:

  • Maintenance of building infrastructure and outside grounds like carparks and storage facilities
  • Maintenance of fixed assets such as refrigeration, electricals and HVAC units


Environmental Consultants Ballarat - Scaada Group

Certifiable Quality for Ballarat

SCAADA Group is a Triple Certified organisation: awarded ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 45001
(Health & Safety) and ISO 14001 (Environment). SCAADA’s ISO certification provides formal
recognition of our commitment to quality, allowing us to better serve our Ballarat partners
needs in a variety of ways, including:

  • Improved efficiencies during the tender application process
  • Evidence of quality standards for all stakeholders and partners
  • Verification of intention to create efficiencies and improve services
  • Assurance of legal compliance across management systems
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