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All large scale construction projects must comply with a range of legislated environmental regulations and construction industry standards as well as have a range of permits and approvals that ensure minimal impact on the natural environment.

Failure to pay proper due diligence to environmental compliance prior to commencing your project can result in:

  • negative impacts on the environment
  • suspended construction permits and licences 
  • costly fines and time delays
  • damaged company reputation

Experienced & Knowledgeable

This is where experienced and knowledgeable construction consultants with an end-to-end project view and the right regulator relationships are crucial to achieving legislated and industry standard compliance.


The success of your construction project is worth the preliminary compliance review. So before you break soil, take the time to seek the right advice and support and give your project the best start.

What Your Free Consultation Includes

SCAADA’s consultation approach brings together an experienced and accomplished team of environmental and occupational hygiene consultants and project managers to ensure you receive a comprehensive end-to-end review of your construction project’s legislative and regulatory requirements.

As part of your free consultation, your SCAADA consultant will work with you to understand your project and provide recommendations on a range of environmental compliance and regulatory essentials including your project’s:

  • Cost benefits analysis
  • Project risk analysis 
  • Implementing & developing a preliminary project schedule
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Statutory approvals documentation
  • Permit and license applications
  • Environmental management plan documents 
  • Regulatory, stakeholder and community consultation plans
Environmental Consultancy & New EPA Laws
HSEQ services

How Can I Book My Free Consultation?

SCAADA’s free consultation is your opportunity to get the expert environmental compliance, construction and project management advice you need to achieve ultimate project success.

Booking your free consultation with SCAADA is as simple as completing the contact form below, or, by contacting us at 1300 SCAADA or at [email protected]

Following your consultation, you will receive a tailored and purpose-driven plan to save yourself the expense, time and stress of unforeseen environmental and construction challenges that arise in projects of all sizes.

Set your project up for success from the start and book your free consultation with SCAADA today.

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SCAADA Delivers Environmentally Focused Construction Solutions Right Across Victoria


We carefully assess a wide range of potential hazards and risks and design comprehensive risk management plans and remediation strategies that achieve environmental compliance and minimise the impact on the natural environment.


We provide full turn-key construction service for commercial, government and residential markets. We utilise 360-degree project management to ensure our quality home modification and building services tailored to your project’s needs.

Project Management

We apply a systemic and phased project management approach from the initial testing and analysis phase, followed by planning, solution design and proof of concept, to the point of project conclusion and successful outcome delivery.