Asbestos Contaminated Soil Remediated

Using known methods and practical process, schedule delay was reduced, and the client saved $600K.

Our Client was faced with 8000 m3 of soil with asbestos debris located in a new development site. The cost to bulk remove the soil was in excess of $1M. The site needed the soil removed to commence construction. The developer had not allowed for these types of costs in his project, and as such was considering not starting and scrapping his plans.

SCAADA has often faced these types of issues and recommended cleaning the soil on site using a trommel process to sift soil and alleviate it of the asbestos containing material.

The cost of the process was approx. $400,000 which the developer was able to manage, and still complete the project. Within six weeks, the soil was cleaned, the site had been excavated in the process, and schedule had only shifted by two weeks in total.

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